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Smiley Elementary School

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Safety & Emergency Preparedness

The admin and staff walk the campus and classrooms daily to help ensure the safety of our scholars. During the school day the visitors are limited to entering through the office as the gates on campus are locked as allowed by safety codes. Smiley Elementary School practices monthly fire drills and quarterly earthquake or disaster drills, and all persons present must follow established drill procedures.   During an actual emergency situation, a central student release station will be established, and no student will be released to anyone without proper and sufficient identification from the person requesting the student and/or until emergency authorities declare it safe to do so. Additional information can be found later in this packet.

Visitors/Closed Campus Policy

For our scholars’ safety, Smiley is a closed campus. Scholars may not leave the grounds at any time during the school day except in the company of a parent/guardian or other authorized adult. The parent/guardian must sign the student out at the school office when leaving and sign them in upon return to school.

All visitors must sign in at the office through the RAPTOR system upon arriving and check-out before leaving campus. A visitor sticker will be given and must be worn visibly at all times while on school grounds. Visitors may not go to a classroom before signing in at the office. Relatives or friends from other schools are not permitted to visit or accompany scholars on campus. Do not bring small children when visiting classrooms as they often distract scholars from their classroom work.


Sprigeo is our new online system our students and families can use to report discrimination, racism, bullying incidents and school safety threats. We are aware that sometimes children do not report bullying or abuse because of the fear of retaliation from their peers or others. The Sprigeo reporting form can be accessed from the privacy of a home computer or other Internet-equipped device, eliminating the possibility of being identified by another student.

How It Works: Students can access the reporting form by clicking the link below or calling the Sprigeo Tip Line: (909) 703-8736.

To learn more about Sprigeo, please watch the recorded presentation with Sprigeo: Redlands Unified Sprigeo Presentation

Click here to make a report through Sprigeo.